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    November 05, 2008

    If you were visiting the site at 9PM CST today, you may have noticed this face instead of the usual Scrumy. That's just Carlton, helping us finish switching over to our new host!

    After recent problems at Dreamhost causing frustration to us and our users, we've switched to Slicehost. This means the end of random outages. Additionally, since Slicehost gives us full control over our machines, we were able to further optimize things, and you should notice a performance increase. That and the new servers are just crazy fast.

    Some of the things that snuck into this release:

    Pro users:

    -Limited access password: Set a password to give your colleagues access to your project without giving them access to the settings. (Settings -> Limited password)

    -XML Snapshots: You can view an xml version of your snapshot by adding a .xml to the end of the url -The sign-in background kicked it up a notch. Try it as your desktop background, it does the job!


    -Dragging tasks vertically scrolls the page to accommodate you.

    -Various other things were tweaked, prodded, and slammed into betterness.

    Let us know if you notice!