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    Good news for the impatient

    November 20, 2008

    "I wanna go fast" -Ricky Bobby

    What a society we live in. We want to get what we want, and we want to get it NOW. From fast food and microwave dinners to on demand movies and internet television, we live in an impatient world. But I'm not one to judge, I often find myself looking for something else to do during the eternal 45 seconds that it takes to boot my laptop.

    We at Scrumy understand your need for speed, and for that reason, for the past few weeks we've been concentrating on making things faster and optimizing our code.

    One thing you may have noticed already is that stories are now fully draggable. Pro users may know that they no longer have to select stories, press a button, and wait for them to show up in their backlog, now they can just drag a story to the backlog and have it show up instantly!

    But we're not only speeding things up for Scrumy Pro users. A little speed boost that everyone might notice is in task editing. Adding and editing tasks is one of the most common functions, and some people think it should be instant. We agree, and now it is!

    Other optimizations we've been working on are a bit more subtle but just as important. We've simplified a lot of the HTML by deleting superfluous attributes and unnecessary container elements. We've also moved more javascript calls to external files. What this means to you is that there is less code for you to download, making pages load a little bit quicker.

    In addition to optimization, we've also put a little work into clarification. Now the "Loading..." indicator is quite a bit more descriptive, and selecting a story or task to move to another sprint more clearly displays what exactly will be moved or copied with it.

    Hope you love the new optimizations and keep your feedback coming!