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    Better, faster, stronger

    December 30, 2008

    If you keep tabs on our twitter feed, you've seen our weekly releases and all the goodies contained within. Here are some of the updates Scrumy has seen in December.

    Scrumy got an official icon for Fluid, the Mac single site browser.

    If you're on a Mac, I highly recommend checking it out.

    The task editor style and animation got tweaked to make it feel more like a zoomed up task.

    Pro users can now delete assignees and decide who gets stuck with Pink:

    -We did major Javascript cleanup and optimization; Javascript execution is now more than twice as fast.

    -We simplified our markup and reduced requests, which means interactions with the server now complete more quickly.

    -There is no more Flash in project titles. We made the switch from sIFR to typeface.js, and we're happy we did.

    -We moved to Rails 2.2.

    And there were plenty of random bug fixes along the way. (IE7 is now fully up to speed.)

    We hope you enjoy these improvements. Look for more to come in the new year!