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    As we've said before, we're impatient at Scrumy. One thing we've always found takes a painfully long time is refreshing web pages. So, we made it a goal at Scrumy to never force users to reload their page. And I think we've been pretty successful. Tasks and stories are added instantly with no page refresh. You can even navigate to future sprints and snapshots without refreshing the page, and without breaking your browser's back button.

    One thing that always bothered us, though, was that any time two or more people worked on a project, they'd have to refresh the page in order to see what changes other people had made.

    No more!

    Now, any change made to a Scrumy project can be seen instantly by anyone who is viewing the project. And just to make sure you don't miss it, the tasks and stories glow green when they change.

    So if you're sitting around in Auckland waiting for your friend in Seville to finish a task that's blocking your work, give your pointer finger a rest. No need to hit refresh, you can now use your free hand for other things like impatient finger tapping or pulling your hair out. And then, staring at your screen late into the night, you can breathe a sigh of relief as his task glows green and moves to the done column. You can finally get to work.

    If your window is out of focus, you'll also get a numerical indicator of the number of changes you missed. The glowing tasks should stay glowing until you see them.

    Live Updating is available right now to Scrumy Pro users everywhere. If you don't have a Pro account of your own, hop on over to the demo at and watch people do stuff.

    Read-only mode

    Do you want to show the world what you're doing without giving them the keys to the castle?

    Now you have the option to display a read-only version of your board to unauthenticated visitors. They'll get the glowy new Live Updates too.